Bone Grafting: Who Really Needs It?

Bone Grafting: Who Really Needs It?

An essential dental procedure, bone grafting seeks to augment the quantity of bone mass in certain jaw regions. This procedure is commonly employed in regions that want supplementary bone density to accommodate dental prosthetics, such as dental implants. Surgical fusion of bone from other parts of the body to an individual’s jawbone is an option. Synthetic bone material is another option that could be considered in some cases. For dental implants to be properly placed, bone grafting is frequently performed to ensure there is sufficient bone.

Who Should Go for a Bone Transplant?

Bone grafts can come from many sources, with some utilizing the patient’s hip or jaw and others utilizing bone harvested from a deceased donor. On top of that, there are scenarios where synthetic materials are more appropriate and others where animal bone is a more appropriate source. If you want to know if bone grafting is right for your patient, all you have to do is figure out when it would be most helpful for them. Bone grafts are usually an excellent option for people who need dental implants due to tooth loss. This holds true still in the event that the patient’s jawbone mass is insufficient.

Periodontal Disease and Bone Grafting

Furthermore, a dental bone transplant followed by an implant may be a good option for a patient who has lost a lot of teeth because of periodontal disease. Serious periodontal disease can lead to significant tooth loss if left untreated. Remember that significant tooth loss and even heart problems can result from inactive gum disease if it is not aggressively treated. Aesthetic purposes are another common use of bone transplantation. This means that grafting could be an option for those whose jawline has lost too much bone, which can impact their appearance.

Better Your Standard of Living

The great thing is that bone grafting is a procedure that has a very high success rate and is practically painless, thanks to contemporary dentistry. Regardless of the specifics, bone grafting serves a vital purpose in modern dentistry.

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If you or a loved one are missing teeth, this could be a lifesaver. One should begin by discussing all of their bone grafting possibilities with their dentist. Dr. Sanket. M. Sheth is a trusted Dentist in Ghatkopar East, and he and his staff at Bombay Dental Specialists can answer any questions you may have regarding bone grafting and its potential advantages.

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