5 Ways to Prevent Kids’ Tooth Decay

5 Ways to Prevent Kids’ Tooth Decay

About 42% of children will get a cavity in their permanent teeth at some point. We at Bombay Dental Specialists want parents to be able to keep their children’s teeth healthy and cavity-free, so we provide them with all the information they need. In order to keep young teeth from getting cavities.

Here are a few things you may do:

1. Promote Regular Tooth Brushing and Flossing

Your little one has to wash their teeth for two or three minutes, three times a day. At the very least, they should brush their teeth twice a day. Brushing your child’s teeth will be a family affair until they reach the age of six or are physically capable of tying their own shoes.

To further aid in the prevention of cavities, flossing is also an absolute must. In areas that are too hard to reach with a toothbrush, it can remove plaque and food particles. Until your child reaches the age of 10, at which point they should be able to floss independently, you should floss their teeth once a day.

2. Keep an eye on diet

Keep an eye on what they eat; they should stay away from simple carbs, acid, and sugar.

Your child’s teeth may suffer greatly if they consume sugary beverages and meals. The sugary residue provides food for oral bacteria, which in turn promotes the growth of acid. More acid means more tooth decay! Starches from potato chips and other simple carbs can promote bacterial development and cause cavities as well. As much as you can, steer your youngster away from sugary drinks and snacks and toward a diet high in fiber and complex carbs.

3. Schedule a Six-Month Appointment with Us

Your child’s oral health is our top priority at Bombay Dental Specialties, where we will take excellent care of them. Our staff will remove plaque and tartar from your child’s teeth, even in the most inaccessible locations, during their regular visits. Additionally, we will look for cavities and treat any problems before they worsen.

4. Get Your Kids Fluoride Treatment

When tooth decay occurs in its early stages, it can be reversed. When a cavity has not yet formed but the tooth’s enamel is beginning to weaken, this is known as a “soft spot” and is an early stage of dental decay.

The application of a fluoride-rich gel to your child’s teeth is a common procedure that follows an oral examination. Minor tooth decay can be reversed and cavities can be prevented by fluoride because it promotes remineralization and strengthening of weak teeth.

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5. Consider having them Undergo Dental sealant Treatment

Placing dental sealants on your child’s teeth can prevent cavities. Your child’s back molars can be protected from cavities with dental sealants, which are made of a specific plastic resin and cemented with UV light. Once the resin has dried, it forms a protective barrier around the teeth, keeping germs and acid at bay for up to a decade and avoiding the development of cavities.


Visit Bombay Dental Specialties Today to Maintain Healthy Smiles in Children! Taking preventative measures to keep your child’s mouth healthy is important, whether you suspect a cavity or not.

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