How to Treat Gaps Between Teeth

How to Treat Gaps Between Teeth

The tooth happens to be among the most important parts of the human body. Your smile significantly impacts your impression upon others. Knowing that a smile can make or break your confidence, makes it among the most critical aspect of your life. We all work to present a picture-perfect smile. Diastema, or spaces between teeth, is the most typical reason individuals consciously don’t smile today. It happens gradually as a result of environmental changes or the development of permanent teeth. The two front teeth, usually referred to as the central incisors, are where it is most frequently found. Here’s how to address the gaps between your teeth.

Treatment of Gaps Between Teeth

You cannot fix a tooth gap by yourself; you will need a dentist for the same. Here are some of the treatments that the dentist may suggest.

Orthodontic Braces

Traditional orthodontic braces are the recommended treatment for any gap in your teeth. Your dentist may place bands and brackets made of steel or nickel-chromium on your teeth to help them move naturally toward the occlusion or normal jaw relationship. Although getting braces takes some time, it is worthwhile because your natural teeth are adjusted to position them correctly.

Dental Veneers

The quickest and most effective way to close gaps between teeth is by using veneers. In this procedure, a tiny bit of your tooth is scraped away, filling the gap with an artificial tooth structure. You can choose this procedure if you have little time for braces. Veneers can give you the dazzling smile you’ve always wanted because they closely resemble natural teeth in appearance.

Dental Bonding

A composite material that matches the structure of your teeth is bonded in the gap between two teeth during a dental bonding surgery. Compared to the other two therapies, it is a more affordable way to close the gap. One drawback is that your anterior teeth may appear more significant than a typical tooth.


Filling the space between your teeth will take your smile to the next level and raise your confidence at the same time. If you want to treat gaps between your teeth, look no further than Bombay Dental.

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