Laser Dentistry- What Are The Facts And Benefits?

Laser Dentistry- What Are The Facts And Benefits?

Our dentists at Bombay Dental Specialties are constantly searching for new and better ways to give our patients the greatest treatments available in the field of dentistry.

Another among them is laser dentistry. It is typically used in dental procedures to make minor incisions or tissue removals.

What is Laser Dentistry?

“Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation” is abbreviated as LASER. In essence, it is a device that emits a narrow, focused beam of energy. In contrast to drilling and the use of anesthetics, these tiny laser beams in dentistry offer a high level of precision and greater safety.

When these beams strike tissues, an impact is created that either helps to eliminate or shape the tissues.

In what areas of dentistry are lasers used?

Lasers are skilled at cutting through tissue and eliminating it. This technology’s primary goal is to increase a dentist’s visibility, allow for better access, and do away with the necessity to drill, which results in blood loss.

Searching for Cavities

To locate tooth decay signs in order to detect and treat cavities.

To Control and Treat Tooth Cavities

Prepare the enamel for the filling and remove carious part of a tooth.

Taking Care of Tooth Sensitivity

Hypersensitivity is one of the main advantages of this treatment. Tooth sensitivity can be eliminated by using lasers to seal the problematic tubules.

To Control Gum Infection and Disease

can aid in gum recontouring and additionally remove bacterial growth through root canal procedures. They are proving to be a well-liked method of treating periodontal disease and mouth infections.

To Fix A Gummy Smile

To precisely remove extra tissue, extend crowns, or loosen overly tight muscle attachments.

competent at cutting and removing gum tissue. They reshape gums while enhancing a dentist’s visibility and accessibility.

Crown Lengthening

This technology can help in crown lengthening for cosmetic reasons.

Eliminate lesions

Lasers can be used to extract a sample for a biopsy, as well as a small piece of tissue to treat sores and oral ulcers.

Whitening of teeth

The laser beams used for professional teeth whitening procedures release a safe amount of heat to hasten and boost the effectiveness of bleaching ingredients.

Preoperative Planning

Drilling and general anesthesia are no longer necessary thanks to this technique. While placing crowns or fillings, they also treat cavities for infection.

Soft Tissue Repair

Congenital malformations and soft tissue deformities can be removed and repaired with lasers.

Curing Frenulum Tongue Attachment (Tongue-tie)

A tight frenulum may be treated with a laser frenectomy. It is very helpful for children whose troublesome frenulum prevents breastfeeding or communication.

Dental lasers & Their advantages

Above all, a dentist’s primary goal is to always provide their patients with comfortable care.

At Bombay Dental Specialties, we employ laser dentistry because it offers a number of distinctive and outstanding advantages over other conventional techniques.

Let us quickly go through the advantages of laser therapy in dentistry.

  • Decreases dependence on anesthetic, causes less pain, and bleeding.
  • Reduces dread of dental procedures and associated anxiety.
  • Patients may not need stitches since they suffer reduced bleeding and edema throughout therapy.
  • Since they are so precise, lasers reduce any potential hazards during therapy.
  • By sanitizing the oral cavity, they reduce the risk of infection.
  • Faster recovery.

Some Vital Information about Dental Lasers

In general, laser dentistry helps to speed up routine treatments and increase patient comfort.

You are more than welcome to discuss any worries you might have with our team at any time.

Keep in mind some crucial details concerning this kind of dentistry:

  • Lasers are not applied to teeth with fillings already present.
  • It cannot be used to remove damaged crowns or to make teeth ready for bridge placement.
  • The majority of patients do need to be asleep.
  • In order to shield their eyes from the beams, patients are required to wear specific eyewear.
  • The tooth pulp can occasionally be hurt by the hard types.
  • Drills might occasionally be required to finish certain fillings that involve shape, bite adjustment, and smoothening.
  • Some processes can not be carried out using Based solely on the preexisting tissues or other tooth and gums components, this procedure.
  • The possibility of gum damage exists.

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Future growth in laser dentistry is anticipated to be significant. Our goal at Bombay Dental Specialties is to provide patients with safe, painless procedures that lead to healthy teeth and gums.

Dr. Sanket.M. Sheth is a Laser Dentistry expert at Bombay Dental Specialties. In order to give patients the best dental care possible, he applies for the most recent research and advancements in dentistry.

For the greatest patient treatment, the facility is outfitted with cutting-edge technology like laser therapy. There are also weekend and urgent appointment slots available.

Do you want to undergo this procedure? Do you have any questions about modern procedures, dental cosmetics, or smile design?

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