Clear Aligners Treatment: How Long Do Aligners Take to Work

While everyone desires perfectly straight teeth and a smile, they can be proud of, the prospect of having to wear braces for years makes most people uneasy and worry about their appearance. At Bombay Dental Specialities, we can help you get a great smile with Invisalign, an aesthetically pleasing way of correcting the misalignment of […]


Permanent Teeth vs. Milk Teeth: The Essential Guide

Our dental journey starts early in life, often signified by the appearance of a tiny white tooth peeking through the gums. This marks the arrival of the first milk tooth. After a few years, these milk teeth give way to permanent ones. It is essential to know what differentiates these two sets of teeth. Differences […]


What Is Teeth Scaling? What are the Benefits of Teeth Scaling?

If you have ever run your tongue over your teeth and felt an unusual roughness, especially close to the gum line, then you might have detected a dental plaque or calculus that is built up over time. A common remedy to this is a dental procedure called teeth scaling. Teeth scaling is a professional cleaning […]


Dental Implants for Missing Teeth

The tooth can be counted among the most underrated yet crucial parts of the human body. The teeth serve various purposes, including chewing, speech, aesthetics, biting, grinding, etc. Maintaining a tooth is, therefore, crucial. But because of changes in our eating or hygiene habits, we don’t often care as much about our teeth. As a […]


How to Treat Gaps Between Teeth

The tooth happens to be among the most important parts of the human body. Your smile significantly impacts your impression upon others. Knowing that a smile can make or break your confidence, makes it among the most critical aspect of your life. We all work to present a picture-perfect smile. Diastema, or spaces between teeth, […]

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